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As creatures of habit, the majority of us like our little routines and being around our hometown. Life can be quite difficult a lot of the time, so getting home and relaxing after a tough day at the office is something we all recognize as blissful. But with that said, we can’t expect to live our eighty-some years on this planet within a small radius – there’s so much out there to see! You might think you know a lot about this world, but I’ve got some news for you: you don’t!


Heading out to the other side of the planet is an amazing thing to do as you’ll get to soak up the cultures and communities that you couldn’t even fathom before. Travel broadens the mind, and with the number of things on Earth, people have an almost unlimited amount of broadening to do!  You’ve seen us over the past year on incredible journeys across the world, from 24 hour flights to Thailand, to cross-country drives here in the States.  We adore the sites, but the travel can be tough to get used to!

Why?  There is, of course, the small matter of actually getting there. Now, you’ve probably been on a plane or a train for a few hours, but long-distance traveling is an entirely different ball game. It’s quite a daunting thing to approach if you’ve not done it before. If you’re heading on vacation and have a huge chunk of traveling to do, let’s go through a few things that can make it a little less of a pain in the backside.

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Get Yourself Mentally Ready

It sounds like a terribly pessimistic thing to do, but it’s not exactly going to be sunshine and roses for the time you’ll be flying or driving. Hey, it might be, but the chances are that something will annoy you at one time or another. Know what you’re getting into.


Dress Comfortably

You’re going to want to gear up in the smoothest possible clothing you have. It doesn’t matter if you don’t look the part! You could wear a nice outfit if you’d like, but you’ll regret it after a couple of hours of sitting idle in the same position.


Bring Some Entertainment

It’s boring. Pretty much an entire day packed into a cabin with other restless people isn’t going to be entertaining, so you’ll have to bring some with you. Some planes have in-flight stuff like movies, but what if there’s nothing you like? You could prepare by bringing some TV shows, movies or music with you. YouTube has a lot to offer nowadays do you could get the YouTube downloader and download some of your favorite stuff. A pack of cards could keep you occupied for a while, too.


Take Some Snacks

Hunger will strike at some point and if you hate that annoying crankiness that a little hunger brings, then imagine what it is like whilst stuck in the large moving vehicle! Bring some small snacks with you to satisfy your stomach during the lull. Don’t bring anything with strong smells, though.

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Learn Some Exercises

Sitting idle for hours and hours doesn’t do much for your muscles and your circulation. So make sure you get up out of your seat every now and again for a little walk. You can also do little exercises with your legs and feet – they’ll stop any pain or stress in them.

Hopefully these tips will help you on your next big trip!

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