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Ireland is a place of mystical beauty, with its amazing scenery and wonderful rural tradition. The west coast of Ireland has become a focus for the Irish tourist industry, with visitors being attracted by the rugged coastlines, pretty towns and typical Irish hospitality.


Though Ireland is a relatively small country, you’ll find that there is an enormous amount to see and do here. When planning a visit to the west coast, it’s important that you allow plenty of time for your journey.

This part of Ireland is tranquil and the pace of life is noticeably slower than that encountered in Dublin. The Irish don’t like to rush things and you should follow suit – take your time to enjoy the beauty of this part of the country.

An escorted touring holiday is a great way to see the west coast. The coach tours tend to travel at a relatively slow pace, allowing you to see the best of the Irish landscape, while also enjoying the evenings in some of the country’s finest towns.

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The west coast consists of a number of peninsulas that stick out into the Atlantic Ocean. Each one consists of green, mountainous terrain. The weather here can be brutal in the winter, helping to create this spectacular scenery.

Each of the small towns that sit on or near the coast have their own characteristics. It always seems that any pub, in any town, guarantees a warm welcome.

It’s impossible not to relax into the moment as you spend an evening in an Irish pub, filled with the sound of traditional Irish music and chatter. You’ll soon find out all about the craic.

There are a number of towns that are likely to be included as part of any escorted holiday tour. The best include Kenmare, Killarney, Dingle, Bantry and Ennis.

Further north you’ll find Galway, with its vibrant music scene. The landscape, from the mountains of Cork and Kerry, on to the Burren and Connemara, is something to behold.

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There’s something very special about the west coast of Ireland. Something that we can all enjoy.

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