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When you travel abroad, the usual manner of doing things is to follow the tourist crowd like a herd. But if you don’t want to moo along with everyone else, you should do something out of the ordinary. Perth has so much more to offer than just what’s in the interior.

For one thing, it’s a coastal city that is surrounded by amazing waters but also fields, wetlands, marshes and rivers. It’s got some of the most beautiful countryside in all of Australia and some might even say the best. Yes, not only does the city rival the eastern coast but the wildlife and nature can also. But the land of Oz is very large, where do you go and what should you see if you go to Perth?


kings park 02

Off to the north

Looking at a map you can clearly see that the expansion of the city has happened towards the east but mostly to the south. This has left the north pretty much untouched and one of the first stops you should make is the Swan Valley. It’s close to the upper side of Swan River so you can see plenty of birds and many river creatures such as otters and beavers.

Nowadays Swan Valley is full of homegrown wine makers so you can see many vineyards dotted up and down the northern side of the city. However, there are also parks in which you can stroll and take a load off your mind. How do you get here in the first place? Well renting cars such as the specials at Burswood Car Rentals is a good idea as the process is faster than usual and quite reliable. With a low damage excess and some of the cheapest prices around you can worry more about your road trip than getting the car.

Beauty in the dryness

kings park 01

One would think that Australia is mostly barren but that is simply not true. In fact, when you gaze over the King Park and Botanic Garden you will think anything but. An amazing display of colours and flowers, as well as tall dark green trees as far as the eye can see are full of life here.

As you can imagine such a prestigious place is also used as an area to honour the fallen as there is also a monument to the soldiers that fought bravely for the country. There are small marshes dotted around and many birds and otters can be seen taking a dip in these small places of cool water.


10 square kilometres of quiet

The John Forrest National Park is around 24 kilometres from Perth so you’ll never hear the traffic and footsteps of 2 million citizens. In this 10 kilometre squared park you have all the time in the world to enjoy the small waterfalls and the shallow hills. A place to be alone with your thoughts or go for a walk with some friends, it’s great to wind down the evening.

Perth is an amazing city, but all around it is incredibly natural beauty that even tops what it has to offer. Enjoy the northern side the most as here you will find many fields to hike across and vineyards that produce amazing wines.

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