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The home of the best bear watching in Canada can be found within the vast and glorious landscape of the Great Bear Rainforest.

If Mother Nature were to design a zoo, Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest would be what it looked like. This stunning and vast wilderness spans over 400km/250 mi across the central and northern coast of British Columbia. Most nature enthusiasts declare the this to be the best location for bear watching in Canada. An exploration of this vast region gives visitors an unparalleled opportunity to see the wonders of the natural world in one of its most pristine conditions. Children and adults alike are left speechless and awe-inspired after spending any amount of time in this magnificent paradise.

A Wild Amount of Wildlife

This reserve is a testament to ecological preservation the way it should be done. The landscape and ecosystems found there exist the way they did thousands of years ago, unaltered and undisturbed. The terrain cannot help but inspire a sense of adventure in both the young and the old. The priceless benefit of this region’s untouched existence is the teeming number habitats and wildlife it supports. The waters overflow with marine life such as sea otters, whales, sea lions and dolphins. Within the lush forests runs an intricate network of fjords that feed off the glacier-capped Coast Mountains, which become fertile estuaries that support an array of wild animals and birds. These numerous spots are the best areas for bear watching. In Canada, and in the world over, this epic and powerful landscape is considered “the last magnificent stand of the great North American rainforest.”

Frequent and Rare Sightings

Although the land is abundant with wildlife, and it is unavoidable to make frequent sightings of a variety of animals, the rainforest is also home to one particularly elusive and shy creature. This is the only place in the world where visitors can observe the Kermode (Spirit) Bear, famed for its singularly unique white fur. Bear watching in Canada doesn’t get much better than the opportunities found here. This is an ideal place to bring young explorers as their nature-observing skills are quickly and frequently rewarded in the best way with sightings of grizzlies, eagles and even Orca whales.

The Calming Energy of Nature

A visit to unique part of British Columbia exposes travellers to a very different kind of over-stimulation, opposite to the kind most of us experience in everyday life. The abundance of excitement and energy found in the rainforest can only be appreciated by initial quiet observance. The sense of calm and tranquillity garnered by immersing yourself in this vast landscape is one that will be appreciated and treasured even after you leave. There are enormous rewards to be found in the forest even beyond the best bear watching opportunities. Even local residents visit to refresh and become re-energized by the connection with nature that it provides. Children and adults alike report the experience to be an adventure like no other.

The Great Outdoors

This is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. Even for those unaccustomed to wild and rugged outdoor activities the forest always awakens the inner explorer and adventurer. Beyond being the best destination for bear watching in Canada, this area also hosts a number of exciting activities such as heli-hiking, kayaking, and fishing, all within the confines of Mother Nature’s most beautiful playground.

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