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Taking a trip involves a great deal of planning, packing, and booking reservations. Yet, one essential part of your travel checklist is taking the right safety measures.


This includes researching your travel destination for any current security alerts. China, Miami, and the Bahamas have all issued recent travel alerts. This is a result of an increase in assaults and robberies of tourists.

It’s important to follow proper safety measures to avoid scams, theft, or abduction. Whether you’re going abroad or taking a trip across the country there’s much you can do to stay safe.


Follow these 5 travel safety tips to protect yourself and your companions.


1. Secure Your Home

The first step in staying safe while traveling is to protect your property before you leave. It’s more common for a home burglary to occur during the summer. This is when people are traveling and away from their homes the most.

Security systems can send notifications to your mobile phone while away. This will alert you of any unusual activity in your home. Installing motion sensors can also help protect your property.


It’s smart to alert trusted neighbors of your travel dates. This way they can collect your mail and packages so it still looks like someone is home. You can also have the post office hold your mail until you get back.

Certain in-home security devices can help protect your assets in case of a burglary. This includes door knob alarms or in-home safes.

Safes get made to look like wall sockets, books, and soda cans. These offer a discreet place to store cash or jewelry.

You can set up dummy security cameras in or outside of the home. They look real to a burglar and can make them avoid targeting your home.

Be sure to keep important documents in a fire-safe lock box. Always lock all your doors and windows when away from the home.


2. Check Your Luggage

For increased safety while traveling, there are a few items you can bring in your suitcase. This safety tip applies to those who are flying to their travel destination.

The TSA does allow for certain self-defense weapons in checked baggage. Be sure to review their guidelines for certain items in case of any policy changes before you fly.

These approved items include pepper spray and tasers. You can also check most darts, knives, and martial arts weapons in your luggage.

Security flashlights are one item that you can bring on the plane or in your carry-on. These small yet powerful gadgets are helpful in dark parking garages and at night.


3. Sound the Alarm

Making loud noise is one of the most effective ways to scare off an attacker. Carrying an alarm on your person is a smart method for how to travel safely. Sounding the alarm will alert police in the area.

Mini-sized personal alarms offer a compact and affordable security gadget. They are easy to travel with and come in a variety of discreet designs. This includes key-chain alarms or alarms that look like a can of aerosol spray.

These safety gadgets are often allowed on planes. Wear them at all times to scare off an attacker or stop someone from mugging you.


It’s also helpful to know the local language if you’re traveling abroad. Learn the translation for the word “help” so you can shout out if needed.

If a crime does occur, you may need to speak to local authorities. Knowing a bit of their language will only help catch the criminal.


4. Be Discreet in Self-Defense

Tourists are often easy targets for criminals. One of the best safe travel tips is to always pay attention to your surroundings. Here are a few tips for being more observant.

Choosing compact yet efficient self-defense tools will draw less attention to yourself. This includes key-chain knives, stun rings, and handheld tasers.

Stun flashlights or tasers that look like a cellphone are other discreet options. You can even get a pepper spray that looks like a pen.

Carrying a fake wallet can also be helpful when traveling. You can use it to distract the criminal as you get away with your real wallet still hidden.

It’s best to withdraw any cash in banks or at the airport. Outdoor public ATM’s can be a target for muggers. You also may be more likely to get your credit card information stolen.


5. Travel Light and Smart

There are many other small yet helpful tips to stay safe while traveling. Travel lighter by choosing only one credit or debit card to use. This way you’re less likely to get your information or card stolen.

Use an app to keep an eye on your bank account or credit card records. This is to ensure there are no unusual charges or fraud. Don’t carry your birth certificate or social security card with you on vacation.

Try to limit the number of technology gadgets you bring with you. Keep them out of plain sight when in public.

Don’t flash around expensive jewelry or watches. It’s best to leave these items at home, in a locked safe. Use hotel safes for storing any valuables while traveling.

Always keep your eyes on your purse at all times. Hold it close to the front of your body to avoid pickpockets. You also want to be smart about technology while traveling.

Using public Wi-Fi can be dangerous for your personal information. It may allow hackers to gain information about your identity. It’s better to use secure networks or personal hotspots while traveling.

You also want to turn your phone tracking service on in case it gets lost or stolen. Use passwords to protect any important information. Always lock your phone with a strong password.


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Top Travel Safety Tips for Your Next Trip

These travel safety tips will help to keep you and your assets safe from crime. Use them to help deter criminals from targeting you or your home. Remember to always stay alert of your surroundings and belongings.




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