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Traveling is one of many people’s favorite activities, however, there are some common mistakes in doing so. I share with you some of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

The most common problems when traveling

Almost anyone could say that traveling is one of their favorite activities, however, when you travel constantly you learn many new things, including how to avoid common mistakes you previously made.

For several years I have had the opportunity to travel and get to know other cities and countries around the world, which led me to learn some important tips to save money on each trip, and to enjoy my stay to the maximum wherever I visit. For me it is a pleasure to share with you some of these tips, I hope they are useful for your trip!

1. Buy your tourist services at the last moment

According to a study, in tourist destinations such as Cancun, booking your tourist services at the last minute could lead you to pay up to 200% additional to the original cost, especially if it is a tourist destination as important as Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

My first advice would be to book at least 3 months in advance your tourist services, this will allow you to get better rates and availability, as this is another factor that is influenced by the high demand for tourist services, it is very sure that when you book at the last minute you do not find so much availability compared to booking in advance.

2. Traveling in seasons of high concurrency

There are tourist destinations that have dates in which it is particularly crowded by travelers, it is important to inform you before traveling what are the “high seasons” in the destination you are going to visit.

Knowing these seasons will allow you to have a clearer picture in relation to the prices of tourist services, as surely in the high season the price of services will increase, but in the low seasons you may find more affordable prices.

3. Do not inquire about service companies and what your booking includes


Researching and getting to know other travelers’ reviews of tourism companies will allow you to know which are the main problems that the company’s customers have complained about, helping you to make a better decision about which company to choose. It is important that you do not always book with the company that has the lowest price, as taking only the price into account and not the reputation could cause your holiday to be ruined, take a little time to research before booking.

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